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Branding Expiriment

This is my first post to the blog. That may be pretty obvious, but it’s very important for the story I am about to outline. The story revolves around my big claim, that I am going to create brand awareness around myself by creating a successful blog. Yes, I plan to become well known in my community and region for my creative work and thought leadership.
I’ve had some success in my career so far with web strategy and development, SEO, writing, photography, design, videography and various other creative outputs. Check out my bio to learn more about me and to see my resume.
What pains me, is that all those sleepless nights and extra long weekends have contributed to someone else’s bottom line. For a while, it was because I could take off on a vacation and collect a steady paycheck. But after many years of hard work, I’m understanding that I have very little to market myself aside from some words  used on my resume. That is why I am setting out on a self branding campaign expirement.
I’ll be completely transparent in noting this entire process is geared toward self promotion and earning the trust of people to hire me and purchase my products. But I’m operating under the assumption that anything worth doing is worth measuring. So join me on an educational adventure to prove that anyone can change their situation by learning and using the Internet to build a business and a way of life.
A wise friend once told me that complacency is the only true enemy of success.

Goal 1

Establish my prowess as a creative and technical writer that builds exceptional web strategy, designs and develops innovative digital media.

Goal 2

Improve my skills as a producer, cinematographer and on camera talent by effectively creating video content that matters and is produced at a highly professional level.

Goal 3

Portray a data driven approach to content development by collecting data and communicating insights in a visual and easy to understand format that has obvious actionable takeaways.

Goal 4

Continually expand my personal skills while creating robust educational material that will develop a community of dedicated participants and offer real, unique value.

Goal 5

Create a revenue stream.

Goal 6

Increase my quality of life by doing good work and creating options for myself and my family.
That’s it. 6 big hairy audacious goals (bhag) that operate somewhat like a business plan and somewhat like a content marketing strategy. As I begin to post about the things I am learning, it is my hope that everything will align under one of these goals.
Thanks for following along with my branding expirement. Check back often for progress updates.